About us

Two Seven Eight is a space for everyone. With modern classics at the forefront of the menu and crafted cocktails taking the spotlight at the bar, this neighborhood spot is sure to wow! We can’t wait to share all that we love with you and yours.

Established in 2016.

Food, Friends, & Cocktails.

Concept Two Seven Eight aims to serve responsibly raised, sourced, and prepared food and drink to all of San Diego.

Get in here!

our team



Rachel's training started young, in the kitchen with her father. Along with her passion for food, he gave her the advice she brings to the kitchen every day: "Open your palette to new things.".

Inspired by her childhood passion, she began working in the kitchen at Frazier Farms Natural Food Market. Her path continued to the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY where she developed an interest in meat & seafood fabrication.

She returned to California and Frazier Farms where she managed the seafood department, as well as cooking at 333 Pacific in Oceanside. As she continued to grow, she transitioned back to the kitchen at Frazier Farms to manage the team for the past two years.



Hailing from New York City, Billy has been hitting the ground running in the cocktail and nightlife industry for the past 200 years. That’s right, 200 years.

After being named Thrillist’s and Bombay Sapphire’s Most Imaginative Bartender in New York City in 2013, Billy was continuously featured in Zagat, Fox News and Gotham Magazine, to name a few. Trust us, there are many, many more. Google him and you can see all the accolades and embarrassments from his entire viral life.

Billy’s cocktail style reflects his love for rustic aesthetics and fresh herbs and fruits. And vegetables. Billy loves vegetables. And his mom, he loves his mom.



Jessica Fisher is part owner and creative director at Concept Two Seven Eight. She has extensive background in baking and pastry but loves to create and eat all types of cuisine. Working her way through San Francisco to New York, Jessica has returned to her home town to bring all of her favorite things to her favorite place. The name of the restaurant, Two Seven Eight, is the address Jessica lived at in Brooklyn, New York, where she spent 6 years eating and drinking her way through the most spectacular city in the world. If Jessica’s eating style could be described by a movie it would be "Gone in 60 seconds".